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Serving and creating happiness

City Barbeque teammate

You may have heard us say it, or seen it written in your local joint, and it’s true: we exist to serve and create happiness. Serving and creating happiness is our core mission. That phrase represents our commitment to providing exceptional service, adding to our community, and creating a joyful and memorable dining experience for every guest. Here’s what we strive to provide, both to our amazing teammates and incredible guests (that’s you!):

Exceeding your expectations
We're dedicated to providing friendly and attentive service and leaving a lasting positive impression. From the moment you walk through the door until you walk out—fully satisfied!—we’re dedicated to making every aspect of your experience as enjoyable as possible.

Supporting our community
We’re laser-focused on how we can better serve our community. We believe in building meaningful connections and giving back through fundraising and donations.

Serving exceptional barbeque
From day one, we’ve been committed to serving competition-quality barbeque, and that commitment has never wavered. Our smokers run all day and night, crafting the smoked meats you love, and our teammates are hard at work whipping up fresh sides and desserts every day.

Creating lasting memories
We craft moments of happiness and joy for folks to cherish long after their meal is over. Whether it's through exceptional service, food, or engaging interactions with our team, we want your times at City Barbeque to be memorable ones!

Valuing our team
We create a passionate and motivated team by fostering a positive and supportive work environment. To us, the concept of serving and creating happiness extends beyond our guests and straight to the heart of every member of the City Barbeque team.

Through our genuine care and focus on our guests, we aim to create happiness, one plate (or Party Pack!) at a time.